On the 22nd June 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer….

Well, I actually found out unofficially on the 29th May when I went in for my first ultrasound and mammogram. My Consultant knowing the full extent of my family history with cancer, saw enough from those scans to confirm to me without a shadow of a doubt what I would be facing when the official results came. I lost my mother and father when I was aged 21 and 22 and my brother in July 2018 all to cancer.

I sat there in the Consultant’s office knowing that in that moment, the life I knew was gone for good. I had not yet officially launched my Coaching business and was about to go on a well-needed raucous holiday. What do you do? In that moment you must make a choice.

That choice leads me directly to “Why I choose to Coach”. Particularly Transition Coaching through change, often difficult and challenging change. My fundamental reasons have always been the same, however, since my diagnosis, they resonate with even more depth and personal meaning.


1. Coaching brings me pure joy

The key message I take from this part of my journey is that never before has living your happiest life been more important. This is also the core philosophy of my Transition Coaching business.

If I look at my own experiences over the last few years. I’ve invested time actively healing my spirit, heart and soul following bereavement, job change and relationship breakdown. I know first hand those brave and often challenging steps that my clients walk through letting go of old beliefs in order to make space for new possibilities.

Each time I work with a new client, watch them reconnect with themselves, evolve and unfurl like a flower that has discovered light, water and nutritious soil, it’s a moment of pure joy. Each workshop I deliver and receive feedback from teams on how their mindset, level of resilience or approach has changed on their path towards what their version of their happiest life, is a moment of pure joy.

As I mindfully engage in this beautiful exchange with my clients, I’m grateful to have found what brings me joy and have the opportunity to make a difference.


2. Coaching aligns fully with my values and beliefs

Values and beliefs is a cornerstone of my change work with clients. Understanding your why, your values and what hierarchy of importance you place on this can be profound. Taking this one step further and honestly asking yourself Am I living my Values on a daily basis can be very enlightening.

This is what led to me taking that brave leap of faith from corporate life to running my own business when I examined my why, my values and whether I was actively living these.

My values had fundamentally remained the same – Balance, Wellbeing, Servitude to Others, Autonomy. However, how much I was actually living these values was the question. With the internal shift that was happening, I realised I needed to be in an environment where I have the opportunity to live these daily, which leads me to where I am today.

When I work with values and beliefs discovery with my clients, this is often the most pivotal moment. It can change the course of your future path. This is an extraordinary gift that I love being part of.


3. Transformational Coaching can create a Virtuous Circle

I’m a firm believer in the ripple effect. There’s a wonderful opportunity that Coaching not only positively impacts the individual, but indirectly impacts those around them too.

We’re all going through something. Be that challenges with the past or present, unresolved issues with parents, partners or other distractions. Taking a moment to pause, reframe and recognise that we are doing the best they can with the resources we have can even help start the change process.

Change happens at the unconscious level. We spend a lot of time busy, doing actions, achieving things, acquiring things and not necessarily creating any greater level of happiness. In those quiet times of allowing your unconscious mind space to breathe, where often the simplest questions can change decades of unhelpful self-limiting beliefs, it’s a beautiful thing, the benefits of which can then resonate in other aspects of your life.

My mantra remains “Openness removes fear and creates space for new possibilities”.

Regardless of the uncertainty around what the future might hold, I know the life I lead right now is the life I am meant to be leading. I have no doubt that my Coaching is helping me in more ways than I even realise.


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