I provide one on one private coaching to individuals who may be at a cross roads in their life. Transition Coaching is designed to help people raise self awareness, as well as understand and overcome self limiting beliefs which may be impacting their journey. We are often more resourceful than we realise, by investing time to achieve a more resourceful state, this could open up new options and possibilities.

Coaching is delivered on an individual basis face to face, or remotely. Following an initial free of charge consultation, the coaching package is designed according to specific requirements. These are typically a minimum of 4 sessions of 1hr each.

Key benefits include:

  1. Understand and overcoming self limiting beliefs
  2. A greater adaptability to life’s challenges
  3. Invest time in ourself to achieve a more resourceful state
  4. Learn tools and techniques to open up new options and possibilities


Retreats coming soon.