To be completely honest, I was very apprehensive in the immediate after math of that 1st week of chemo.

With no other personal experience to call on regarding how I would feel after such serious medication, my vivid imagination worked over time thinking how this could impact my body.

The most physically challenging part of the treatment was the cannula, the thin tube that goes into the back of your hand to administer the drugs. I have shy veins, so they’re really difficult to find. The nurse had my hand in a bucket of warm water for 20 mins to coax them out.

Inserting the cannula was painful, then having it in my hand, in the same vein for hours was no joke. This caused a lot of additional anxiety. I knew the cannula needed to be something I tackled head on. I’ll address how I dealt with this in a subsequent video.

I did cry tears of sadness when the first drip of chemo drug went into my system I knew there was no turning back and everything suddenly got very real. All your instincts are to pull away, but you cannot. You have to let the drugs do their work, let go and allow it happen. It took a lot of mindset work to get through that.

In the days after the chemo, I experienced major fatigue and hyper-sensitivity. Every nerve ending felt like fire and ice at the same time. I couldn’t lay my head on a pillow it was that sensitive and even splashing water on my face was painful. I then came out in a major skin rash which at this point I wasn’t sure whether it was a normal side effect or an allergic reaction to one of the meds.

Around day 6 after chemo is where I reached my lowest point so far. Emotionally I spent so much time building up what chemotherapy would be like, then it happens, you get through it and then have time to reflect. Often you read day 7-14 is the worst as this is when your blood count is at the lowest. Time will tell if this is the case and I’ll update in my next blog.

A topic I cover in my Coaching workshops is around personal resilience. Remembering the things that personally help you navigate through challenging times and nurture your mind, body and spirit. I’m calling on this knowledge in spades this week.

Thanks for being on my journey with me. More to follow soon on my full cycle 1 feedback.

Adele x