Thursday, July 19, 2018
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Every 3rd Thursday of the month

Red Academy
WeWork Marylebone – North West House 119 Marylebone Road · London

#amazinsellers: Learn how to be gritty & resilient to increase your online sales

Thursday, Jul 19, 2018, 6:30 PM

Red Academy
WeWork Marylebone – North West House London, GB

24 Online Entrepreneurs Went

****This meet is proudly sponsored by: https://www.notjusttravel.com/premkumar-anand ***** In this monthly meet, we are welcoming Adele King, the owner of & and an expert transition coach from Transcendence Coaching, who will run a 30-min workshop on “Resilience” and why it is important for solo-preneurs and early stage startup owners. About Adele …

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You go to gyms to work out together so we are committed to the regime.
You go to work to work together so we are committed to a common goal.

Most of the online sellers trying to create a new brand or gain extra income, do not have a group to work together, losing their commitment, losing on unexplored opportunities.

When a group of minds think, you get ideas to take your business forward. This meetup is an effort to bring small groups of 4-5 online sellers together, explore tools and strategies together, and increase your sales, in a committed 3-month programme for each group.

The programme contract is designed such that your peers will not be able to compete with you directly in any marketplace for 2 years from when you join the programme.

NOTE: This is NOT A TRAINING programme. This is completely free of cost. We only organise the groups, and the groups involve in self learning, within the bounds of a common contract to prevent competition. Also we will help you find experienced sellers who can mentor you during the 3-month programme.

Come along and lets explore.