As a wedding and portrait photographer, I understand the importance of family and love. Many of my clients come to me to capture the romance of their wedding day or for portraits that they can share with their loved one. Memories and moments that are immortalised for life. 
I recently contacted Adele as my girlfriend Peggy and I were hoping to grow our family and planning for the arrival of our first baby. With this, we wanted to ensure that we were as prepared in advance as possible and Adele was there to help us.
Whether it be ensuring that we maintain a healthy work/life balance (and considering how much I love my job, it’s sometimes easy for those scales to tip), ridding ourselves of emotional and actual clutter or just appreciating those things that it’s easy to take for granted, Adele helped us improve and be ready for the journey ahead.
Unfortunately, Peggy had a miscarriage about 12 weeks in but even then Adele was there for us, offering support when we needed it. We’ve experienced first hand how Adele can help people glow. At Rish Rai Photography, we help people look their very best, but Adele helps people feel their very best. Thank you, Rishi, Peggy  (and Chief), Uxbridge