“My position was made redundant and I decided that I needed a fresh start. The only problem being that I didn’t know what that fresh start was and I didn’t know how to go about finding it. I spent many months trying to understand myself better in order to find a new career path where I could succeed, but to no avail.

Adele was able to identify that understanding my values and drivers were key to unlocking my future path. Her gentle but firm approach took me through a series of exercises that gradually unveiled what my true values and drivers were. Adele coached me to understand not what I thought I should be, but what I actually was. This was an important breakthrough for me.

Armed with my true career values and drivers, I now feel that I have a focused, and most importantly, relevant understanding of what I want from a career. I know, thanks to Adele’s approach, that I am following a path that is relevant to me. To Adele, I will be forever grateful for this. Thank you!”