I met Adele at a very challenging time. Her approach as career coach was gentle and compassionate but at the same time standing on very firm principles and based on a clear strategy. With a perfect amalgamation of her coaching skills, business experience and a great positive personality, Adele set me from the very start on a path of self-awareness and very rapid progress into a totally new phase. My coaching sessions with Adele proved to be a perfect combination of free-flowing, emotional conversations and well-structured, rational dialogue. In every meeting I was encouraged to be myself and fully share my thoughts and emotions as integral part of the process, at the same time realising that every meeting was aiming at securing specific milestones and realising my progress step by step. I could see the results on my self-confidence and people around me too noticed the improvement. I always found myself looking forward to the next meeting with excitement and Adele was always happily available in between for quick catch-ups over the phone or via email, always responding with enthusiasm. I can safely say that the outcome of Adele’s coaching exceeded my expectations by a great margin, both on career and life skills