Welcome to my website!

Thank you for taking the time to visit. People often ask me what business I am in. For me it’s simple. I’m in The Business of Happiness.

Studies have shown the link between health, happiness and productivity. I created Transcendence Coaching Limited to serve that need.  I provide authentically delivered, credible and inspiring coaching programmes and workshops to both Corporates and Individuals in the context of change. Change could be due to growth, organisational transformation, or other cultural factors such as more focussed energy driving the diversity opportunity.

I call on a powerful combination of skills to support people as they navigate through the change journey:

  1. Formal coaching and NLP qualifications with tailored tools and techniques
  2. Deep knowledge of business and people acquired during a 20 year corporate career
  3. My personal life experience dealing with major change


If you, like me, would like to overcome self limiting beliefs, face opportunities with more options and move towards your happiest life.  After all, who would not like to be happier in at least one area of their life? Then you are in the right place.

Contact me to book a no-obligation discovery call to see how TRANSITION COACHING could be right for you.



I specialise in providing coaching programmes and workshops to teams or individuals within corporate organisations in the context of change.


I provide Change Consultancy Services to organisations going through major change programmes.


I provide one on one private coaching to individuals who are in transition designed to help understand and overcome self limiting beliefs.

Client Testimonials

The workshop held by Adele was very insightful. She kept the session engaging by encouraging us all to participate in open conversations. She informed us of the importance of mental resilience both in the work place and in our personal lives and how they can have an impact on one another. After the session I… Read Full Testimonial “Anon”

Corporate Client, London

I thought Adele was insightful and a fantastic speaker. Her presence in the room was felt by everyone and she provided us with a lot of tools for dealing with stress’s and being more resilient.

Corporate Client, London

Adele has been marvellous. You could literally feel the positive energy ooze from her very being. I liked how she took the approach of just engaging us in informal discussion and she made me feel like I’ve known her all my life. Please report back to Adele that she has been quite the inspiration to… Read Full Testimonial “Anon”

Corporate Client, London

Adele’s sessions have been amazing with coaching me on how to deal with negative emotions and how to take a step back and look at things from different perspectives. This has taught me to try and not to react quickly but to take time to reflect and take action with a calmer mind. Thank you… Read Full Testimonial “AC”


I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Adele and have her lead one of the most popular sessions ever for my network LondonTechLadies on ‘Impactful Storytelling’ in October 2018. The feedback from the attendees was astounding – everyone was extremely moved by Adele’s powerful storytelling and her willingness to share her… Read Full Testimonial “Melanie”

Founder LTL

At #amazinsellers we are very passionate about bringing up online marketplace businesses from scratch. One of the most necessary ingredient for the transition from 0 sales to the first £1 profit is GRIT @ resilience. When Adele conducted an insightful 1-hour session on resilience, it opened a few eyes in the room. Our members felt… Read Full Testimonial “Premkumar”


My position was made redundant and I decided that I needed a fresh start. The only problem being that I didn’t know what that fresh start was and I didn’t know how to go about finding it. I spent many months trying to understand myself better in order to find a new career path where I could succeed, but to no avail.… Read Full Testimonial “Mike M”

Mike M

“Talking through my passions and drivers helped me to navigate a lifestyle change which has been physically and emotionally challenging. You’ve put me on a great path to set up success for my next forty years…I’m looking forward to continuing working together. Thank you Adele for our great coaching sessions.”


“Adele is a sensitive, intuitive NLP Practitioner with great communication skills. She guided me through the processes skilfully, observed my verbal and non-verbal cues and I felt safe and listened to. The processes flowed with ease because she understood what to ask and when. She sensed how I was doing and gave me the space… Read Full Testimonial “Kiren”

North London

“The past three years have been quite challenging for me as I went through a lot professionally and personally. I did burn out, left everything behind, tried to start a new life in a new country but, as we all know, until you resolve your deeper issues there is a good chance you will carry… Read Full Testimonial “Helene”